Root Canals

A root canal is one of the most common procedures in dentistry and is performed by an “endodontist.” Endodontists specialize in treating the canal inside of the teeth which house blood vessels and tissue - the two things that connect your tooth to your gum.

TV & movies have made root canals sound like torture - but dental care has come a long way and we can assure you, it’s really not painful.

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One of the most common dental procedures is a root canal. Root canals are performed by endodontists, who specialize in treating the “canal” inside of the teeth where blood vessels and tissue– also called “pulp” tissue– connect the tooth to the gum.

Sometimes the pulp tissue inside a tooth can become inflamed or infected. This usually results in intense pain. Left untreated, the infection can create an abscess and spread. It’s important to visit a dentist whenever you have severe pain in a tooth so they can diagnose and treat the issue, whether that issue is a root canal infection or not.

Root canal therapy — more commonly just called a root canal, is a standard procedure at Premier dental care and is not painful.

Like with a filling, the area around the tooth is first numbed with a local anesthetic. The dentist then drills an opening into the tooth to get to the pulp tissue. The infected tissue is cleared away and the canal is cleaned. Then the canal is filled with a temporary filling that is biocompatible with the tooth.

1. Infected Tooth.
2. Opening Made in Tooth.
3. Infected Tissue Removed, Canals Cleaned: 4. Canals Filled.
5. Opening Sealed and Crown Cemented Onto Rebuilt Tooth

After your root canal therapy, you will need a buildup and a crown to protect it. Your root canal specialist will know if the canal will need to be prepped for the post. The post is part of the structure that holds the crown in place.

In order to know if you need a tooth extraction, you need to be diagnosed by a dentist. They may recommend an extraction if:

  • You have teeth blocking the way of adult teeth coming in or need to make room for teeth that will be moved by braces.
  • You need your wisdom teeth removed either before they come in to prevent impaction, or after if they become infected.
  • If the root of your tooth is cracked or if your tooth is decayed beyond the point of restoration.

Most extractions can be done by a periodontist but some will need to be referred to an oral surgeon. If you need a tooth removed, your dentist will be able to tell you if the extraction can be done in the office, or they can refer you to an oral surgeon.

  • Simple extraction involves loosening the tooth with a specialized instrument before simply removing it with forceps.
  • During a surgical extraction, surrounding tissue may need to be removed along with the tooth. This requires an incision through the gum and possibly even the bone.
  • A surgical extraction is usually done by a periodontist. At Premier Dental Care our dental team can perform most extractions, however, depending on the patient and extraction requirements, you may be referred to an oral surgeon.

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